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Taisk is now in private beta and is currently free to use. We are still working out the kinks and adding skills, so response times will be slower for new capabilities.

We'd love to hear how things are going. Please contact us at feedback@taisk.com.

What is Taisk

Taisk is a new kind of virtual assistant, powered by artificial intelligence. Common tasks are automated, with quick response 24x7 for a fraction of the cost. We are constantly evolving and developing new services based on need.

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Get high quality help at a fraction of the cost of traditional services.

  • Single monthly fee
  • No hidden costs
  • No long-term commitments
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24/7 access, quick response. Our talent never sleeps™.

  • Personal tasks
  • Business help
  • Professional development
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More Reliable

Get results you can trust and move on with your life.

  • AI trained by domain experts
  • Best-in-class technologies
  • Built-in security and privacy

How Taisk Can Help

Taisk can help you in many ways where you might pay an assistant to accomplish tasks for you. The most successful tasks are those that aren't trivial (e.g. more complicated than adding two numbers together or looking up the current temperature) but do not require sophisticated knowledge of a specific domain.

Think of Taisk as your over-eager intern ready to help offload your tasks. Like an intern, Taisk needs a bit of guidance about what you would like accomplished, and it make take several iterations to "get it right".

Below are a few examples of how Taisk can help you:

Web Research
Conduct research on a specific topic and summarize the top websites for you
Recent News
Get recent news summaries for a specific topic or company
Transcribe audio files into text, with support for multiple speakers and languages
Quickly summarize long documents, emails, and websites
Entity Identification
Extract people, email addresses, companies, locations, etc. from emails or documents
Keywords and Concepts
Identify keywords, concepts, and tone from content including emails, documents, and presentations
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Need More Advanced Help?

The Taisk team can assist with more complex AI services for your business, including custom cloud and on-premise solutions. Contact us at enterprise@taisk.com to discuss your project.

Praise for Taisk

See what others are saying about the power of our AI virtual assistant.

Tony T, Technology Consultancy Owner
"Pretty amazing ... really useful. I want to send a newsletter to all my contacts, and Taisk made all my emails readily available. It's a big help."
Jack K, Web and Game Developer
"Wow! Absolutely fantastic! This gives me such a great starting point without having to dig through pages of search results myself! This saves me so much time."

Our Mission

To improve people's lives through everyday use of artificial intelligence

Our Principles

  • Create an easy-to-use, trusted platform with an increasing variety of AI services
  • Put our community of users before profits, never selling data or advertising products
  • Focus on privacy, security, and transparency, being explicit how data is used
  • Continuously innovate the types of services we offer and how to access them
  • Make significant contributions to the science and real-world application of AI
  • Give back to the community through low- and no-cost services for those in need